Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mystery of Picasso

Pablo Picasso was undeniably one of the greatest artists in history because of his technical skill, his innovations in technique & media, and the synthesis of modern & ancient sensibilities. I can't say that I 'like' all of his work, but all of it fascinates me.

It's tempting to try to understand the specific idea of cubism in intellectual terms, as in a definition like "the representation of multiple physical & experiential dimensions in a 2D space." However, this is simply an act of assigning ape-grunts to a sensory experience, which can sometimes create a filter of pre-conceived notions.

Watching this time-lapse video of one of Picasso's paintings from 1955 has intrigued and mystified me even more. We can define techniques and styles all you want, but art at its core is the use of creative energy in any manifest way. This movie highlights the essence of art as a process of sublime creation. It's really cool to slide through video and watch the painting morph...

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