Friday, July 20, 2007

Real Candidates: Dennis Kucinich & Ron Paul

As an Independent voter, I make no judgments about a candidate based on party affiliation. The only thing that matters to me is what they are saying, how qualified I think they are, & the greatest of all analytical tools - my own intuition.

I think the Democrats have intelligent, competent people in their lineup. Unfortunately, much of the rhetoric I hear from the 'front runners' about war & solutions to serious problems is just that, rhetoric that doesn't address the root causes. On the Republican side, I couldn't tell you too much about their rhetoric (besides "9/11" & "more torturing brown people")... it is so overwhelmingly insane and idiotic it makes my ears bleed if I listen for too long. Personally, I hope the Republican party gets their asses handed to them in the next elections, because they have become a frighteningly corrupt & inept group whose purpose has apparently been twisted into creating a fascist theocracy.

There is one person in each party that I consider mostly clear-sighted and correct in their positions. Although they are underdogs in this game of millionaires and media creations, the fact that their message is being heard and supported is a great thing.

Democrat - Dennis Kucinich

Republican - Ron PaulI'll give just one example each that shows the level of candor & insight these candidates have compared to the rest of the pack:

Dennis Kucinich:
"Impeaching Cheney First Step to Restoring the Rule of Law"

Ron Paul:
"U.S. In 'Great Danger' Of Staged Gulf Of Tonkin Style Provocation"

Of course, the corporate media and the influence peddlers will continue to vigorously resist promoting these 'far-shots'. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live on a sane planet...

Luckily there is the wonderful world of Youtube, where you can hear their positions for yourself.

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fmcculley said...


I cannot agree with your more. My biggest problem is deciding if I am going to register as a Democrat or Republican in this upcoming primary. I am leaning toward Paul because I think his message of freedom and small government is a perfect counter balance to what we have now.