Thursday, November 15, 2007

Apple iTablet 'Confirmed' by Asus

After my last post, I don't go to sleep with my mind full of tortured biomechanoid hybrid creatures... Instead I'd rather dream of the day when a (non-invasive) touchscreen Apple iTablet will make its way into my hands. The iPhone (that I refuse to switch to AT&T for & spend $400 on) is basically a ubiquitous teaser to what could be the last personal computer I ever need. I might be forced to a buy a Mac Mini soon for practical purposes, anyway, but speculation like this is slowly driving me mad...

Engadget: "Apple Tablet 'confirmed' by Asus?"

Oh crap, I didn't even click through the link to the more detailed story on CNET with a picture that makes me want to put my hand into the screen:

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fmcculley said...


I am with you on this....let me know when you want to start camping out at the apple guess is first week of January!!