Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Surprise! Cable News Sucks

Besides getting real-time poll numbers for the current races, Presidential Primary coverage on the cable news networks is almost unwatchable. It's like there is a deliberate plan to keep all discussion of actual issues and their possible solutions completely out of the picture. Wait... Nah, can't be!

Instead of critical examination of the obstacles our country faces and the answers needed to overcome them, the hours are filled with insane jibber-jabber about:

• who's getting the vote of old/young/white/black/latino/male/female/rural/urban/blah/blah/blah

• why the above groups are voting as the completely uniform hive minds that they apparently are,

• what provocative verbal barbs are being slung, and what the response is, etc.

• which campaign has the most money and who's donating,

The only truly useful information that comes out of these shows are the poll numbers and when the next debate is, so maybe you can get some time to hear what the candidate say what they actually stand for

The complete irony of hearing the army of "experts" saying that Barack Obama has lacked substance (before tonight's speech, anyway) is off the charts. You could have CNN, MSNBC, & Fox News running simultaneously, and you will hear nothing but horserace talk.

I'd support Hillary if she was the nominee, but I think Obama would be a great President & a positive force that would be a healthy dose of sanity and insight after the Bush/Cheney Dark Ages. Hell, I even think John McCain would be a better, more competent leader than The War Monkey. Unfortunately, McCain represents a political party in Washington that, for all its talk of righteousness, has proven to be completely bankrupt of moral integrity. I think Obama/McCain debates would be a fascinating dynamic, whereas I see him and Hillary having a much less interesting interaction. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.

All I know is Presidential Paintball kicks ass:

Presidential Paintball Game
Description: Hillary, Obama, Giuliani & more play paintball for the USA Presidency!Instructions:Use…
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