Thursday, December 03, 2009

Obama's Job: "Jobs!!!"

Today's news was the first of a series of Obama's "job summits." The other night I read this article on Reality Sandwich on how to re-make America into the #1 productive force in the world. It was pragmatic but w/ idealism & insight:

The key to productivity is to fund people's ideas to create the technologies that are used in new products & services, especially green technology. There are so many ideas being formed right now that have the potential to make significant impacts on human life...

Here are some of my favorite American tech breakthroughs:

It's funny how dualistic people are in their approach to political issues. Current economic arguments seem to be reduced to 'capitalism vs. communism' or 'socialism vs. fascism' when none of these concepts are even real! In fact, like all name calling, it is simply a distraction from intellectual discussion of the problems & possible solutions for any given issue.

The infinite intertwining of government & economics is too messy to be described in one reductionist label. It's ALL just people interacting, which always results in craziness.

What I do know is that any human institutions, like people themselves, are inherently neither good nor bad. Those subjective characteristics arise from circumstances in the ongoing process of life.

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