Monday, January 10, 2011

Hoarder's Finale: RATS!!!!!!

Well, tonite I saw one of the worst things ever:


This is absolutely insane behavior & vile beyond belief.
To the Rat King's credit, though, he did make a conscious decision to get help for his... situation.

The person featured in the other half of the episode was a Cat Lady who was also a compulsive hoarder. She wanted nothing to do with the cleanup effort & was being totally unreasonable. They should've taken all her cats, dumped them into the Rat House & let em go at it.

The show Hoarders is a topic of frequent discussion in my family. Some of the stories are pretty shocking & they are all uncomfortably revealing. People have literally drown themselves and their homes in "stuff" or animals or both. I think it's good to show these things, even if it is slightly exploitative. It's an instructive warning to people to face their issues & come to terms with their problems before their life turns into a complete disaster.

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