Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Graham Hancock on Ancient Civilizations

"Gold Sun Stone Pyramid"
from The Monkey Buddha Bazaar

One of the books I'm reading right now is Graham Hancock's "Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilizations".

It's a great read... an investigation of the ancient anomalies & structures that exist around the planet. These kinds of mysteries from the fog of distant history have always fascinated me.

Graham Hancock describes the abundant evidence that mankind's past is much richer and older than traditional history allows. So far, it seems like he isn't making any truly controversial conclusions in the book (such as- everything was made by UFOs). Mostly, he simply points out the many truly unexplainable discoveries that don't fit into the currently accepted historical narrative.

Fortunately, the information we are learning about these cultures is now growing exponentially. Thanks to the expanding field of archaeology, with its improving techniques & technologies, we are learning more about our ancient heritage than ever before.

I'll talk more about the book once I finish it, but on The Daily Grail I saw this excellent video of a presentation Mr. Hancock gave about the same topics that are in the book. It's definitely worth the time to watch:

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