Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vermin Supreme, a Tyrant You Can Trust

On a couple websites I saw links to this video of a maniac who turned an otherwise boring public forum into an insane spectacle.

So I finally watched it, & the brazenly wacky Vermin Supreme is truly a sight to behold.

He is apparently a political activist of the crazy kind & has somehow been allowed to run in the Presidential primary in New Hampshire.


His jingle that he sings around the 5:00 mark and then glitter-bombing anti-gay activist Randall Terry is worth sitting through the rest of the madness.

I'm totally entertained by absurd happenings such as this.
Madmen such as Vermin Supreme briefly lift the veil off the artifices of accepted social mores & our general perceptions of reality.

Despite my enjoyment of crazy crap like this, I can't imagine how anyone would actually let "Mr. Supreme" near public office. Most people prefer a state of order over mayhem- even if it's an order that's corrupt & dysfunctional.

Last night, Stephen Colbert was skewering GOP candidate Rick Santorum. They showed a clip of Santorum being confronted by.... a crazy man wearing a boot on his head!
I had a friend over who exclaimed, "Look at that crazy boot-head!" I couldn't remember the name at the time, but I knew it was ridiculous & ended up looking it up online.

When the primaries move on from New Hampshire, who knows if the Vermin Supreme phenomenon will continue...

In the long line of 'out-there' politicians, Vermin Supreme is on a different level.

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