Thursday, April 12, 2012

Apple I Advertisement

Currently, I'm reading the biography of Steve Jobs on my lunch breaks.

Despite already knowing alot about the founder of Apple Computers, I'm really enjoying the read. It's a great story that gives enthralling insight into the creation of what I consider to be the greatest creative tool ever produced- the Mac computer.

My life has run parallel to the development of microcomputers. The Apple II was shipped around the time I was born. The early encounters I had with Macintosh computers were in elementary school, & later we used them in our high school science classes. I was using Windows PCs at home, though, & they sucked.
It wasn't until my design classes in college that I began using Apple G4 computers regularly. In my career as a professional designer, I've used Power Macs exclusively. Windows is like a leper to me, I don't even want to touch it.

On fusion anomalog I saw this ad from 1976, featuring the original Apple I homemade computer. It was basically a circuitboard, but it could be attached to a keyboard & a TV or monitor, which was revolutionary at the time.

The original Apple logo is on there, too. It has the look of an engraving & is much different than the iconic apple with the 'byte' taken out of it.

I've recently read the section of the book about the start-up of Apple, in the garage of Steve Job's parents. Steve Wozniak basically engineered the computer components & Jobs was the one who figured out how to market it.

Despite being a weird mix of a guru-like personality & a completely insufferable jerk, Steve Jobs had an indomitable will that obviously produced amazing results.
Even with his many flaws, Jobs really was a genius. He's influenced the course of human events as much as any single person in the modern age.

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