Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The End of Experimental Lab Chimps?

It's good to see people trying to cut back on the systemic torture of other living beings.

USA Today:


Although I'm definitely not becoming a vegetarian anytime soon, I do feel empathy for animals that are experimented on, killed for food or used to make products.

Any creature with a nervous system & sense organs are experiencing realities very much like ours.

The only real difference is that they cannot directly share their experiences with us through language or other communication, yet.

People can easily identify with our physical similarity to other primates & with dogs, cats, horses, etc because they are seen as pets.  However, human beings are slowly working toward recognizing the consciousness of other species, also.

Even if animals are still bred for consumption, that doesn't mean they have to be tortured while they are still alive.

Now, for the real conundrum...

At the same time we release chimps from cages, we are also locking human beings inside the cages we call "prisons," in record numbers- with almost a quarter of them from drug offenses alone. Like biomedical research, the prison industry is a business-for-profit that has gone wild, no pun intended.

It is just one symptom of a society that has fundamental problems, which you cannot just lock up & hope disappears...

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