Thursday, March 06, 2014

Dalai Lama's Opening Prayer in U.S. Senate

"With our thoughts, we make our world...
Our mind is central and precedes our deeds.
Speak or act with a pure mind, 
and happiness will follow you." 

The Dalai Lama is one of the many wisdom teachers in this world who have helped illuminate my mind. This is the 1st time he has offered an opening prayer for that un-holy legislative body... the U.S. Senate.

He admits to simply being a monk, who follows the primary practices of self-awareness & compassion for all beings. There is no special access to the divine that's only for certain 'holy' people. You or I have the exact same potential for spiritual realization that the Dalai Lama or the Pope may seem to have.

I don't necessarily have a problem w/ a prayer or blessing before government functions, as long as people of different religious backgrounds are represented. This is NOT a "Christian nation". Sorry, it's just a fact... The United States of America is a secular nation, with religious freedom for all. In this country, you can happily be a Christian of your preferred denomination, or a Buddhist, a Pastafarian, or even free from any religious ideology, if you choose. 

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