Friday, August 29, 2014

Monkey Buddha Chalk Art

Last week I was on my 2nd family vacation, at Slaughter Beach, Delaware.
My family is a bunch of beach bums & we had a great time relaxing, eating, spending time in the sun, having drinks & making fires at night, and just generally enjoying ourselves.

After we left the house on Saturday, my girlfriend & I went with my brother & his girlfriend to a few different places on the way home.

Our first stop was the Dogfish Head brewery, which was really cool. They offer free tasting of their excellent craft beers & a tour of their newly-upgraded facilities.

 After that we went to a place for lunch that the tour guide from the brewery recommended. She said their employees go to the Backyard restaurant for lunch, so we tried it out.

The food was awesome & they have a backyard with cornhole games & a chalkboard for people to use.

Of course, I had to use the chalkboard to put up a drawing of The Monkey Buddha. My brother drew a crazy devil character. 

Here's a pic of the whole board with other fun drawings.

The final place we went to was a winery. However, I didn't like their wine at all, so I'm not even going to recommend it.

It was an awesome day to end an awesome week, & I was wiped out by Sunday from having so much fun! Summer is almost over, but I feel like I've definitely made the most of it.

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