Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Poconos 2015: Nature & Family

As I wrote in my last post, my family recently spent a week on our annual vacation in the Poconos, PA.

I added some more pics to the photo album, mostly nature pics & photos of the lake.

Photo Album:

One of my favorite things is to enjoy the stillness and observe the natural setting & creatures you find outdoors. When I was out kayaking one day, I unexpectedly came up on a bald eagle perched on a log less than 100ft in front of me. I stopped paddling when I saw it and glided toward it, then it spread its wings & flew by my kayak. Unfortunately, I couldn't snap a photo of it. Here's a view from my kayak as I paddled around the lake:

One picture I did manage to get of wildlife as this photo of a water snake that was swimming by our dock, popping his head out of the water to take a look at us.

There are many deer who are accustomed to humans in the lake community. I was playing with my nephews one evening in the back yard, & I saw a pair of deer right behind them. I told them to be quiet & stay very still. One of the deer came right up to David, so I told him to start stepping away from it. Then, Gregory went right up to one at the edge of the woods & was watching it.

We had a house that was perfectly positioned to see the sunsets over the lake, so we spent a few evenings outside on the deck or the beach watching the sun go down over the trees.

It was another great vacation week with my family, even though my girlfriend couldn't make it since she was studying hard & taking exams for nursing school. Here is a family portrait we took on the steps of our house.

Our family photo: (from the front) Paul Micarelli (me), my dad Paul J. Micarelli, David, 
Gregory, Greg, Susanna, Mandi, my mom Karen, 
Justin, Johanna, Sylvia, & Joe. (*missing due to nursing school, my girlfriend Loretta)

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