Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Super Bowl Sacred Geometry


Although I've always been pretty athletic & love playing sports, I'm not a big fan of watching football, or sports in general. However, this past weekend I went to my brother's house since he was having a Super Bowl 50 party.

I was surprised to see in the halftime show, during Coldplay's performance, the use of The Flower of Life symbol- in their stage design, drum kit, & outfits.

The Flower of Life is a symbol of interlocking circles is the basis for a strategy game, based on the philosophy of sacred geometry, that I designed & have had published: "Da Vinci's Challenge".

The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol that represents unity, vibrational energy, and inter-connectivity. It has been used in art & architecture since the beginning of known history.

Because of the NFL's ridiculous copyright protections, the only decent video I could find of the performance so far is here:


Below, I've posted some screenshots showing the stage with the Flower of Life symbol, and it's use on their bass drum & clothing.

The Flower of Life graphic morphed into a swirling galactic vortex, then a solar burst.

I don't believe there was anything nefarious or Illuminati-related with the use of this symbolism. I actually think the artists recognize the pattern as a symbol of consciousness & cosmic creation.

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