Sunday, July 31, 2016

Flower of Life Artifacts

Recently, a reader left a comment on one of my posts about "The Flower of Life".

The Monkey Buddha Archives:

The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol, made of interlocking circles, that represents the interconnected nature of reality & the myriad forms that arise from it. It has been used in art & architecture throughout history.

I created the strategy game, "Da Vinci's Challenge," based on this beautiful & profound symbol.

Official Facebook Page:

The reader I mentioned above is Marko Manninen, and he has done very extensive research into the legacy of The Flower of Life. He has also compiled image galleries with examples from around the world of both the pattern & it's base visual component, the 6-petal rosette.

Here are a couple of his links:

Pages 1-9 of this document
have numerous examples of this symbol

This is his main website, with a vast amount of information 
about the history, geometry, and artistic use of The Flower of Life

One of the oldest examples of the use of The Flower of Life motif is this cosmetic box from Egypt that Marko posted in his gallery- and there are many, many more examples on his website:

Circular Cosmetic Box with a Swivel Lid, Thebes, Egypt (1500 BC)

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Marko Manninen said...

Thank you for mentioning the site of mine. I'm happy to see it and note that I just got ready my second book Creative power of the Flower of Life which goes even further to the details of the symbol history and meaning of it. But unlocking the mystery is still far from ready. Btw. I am a proud owner of your game since the last Christmas :-)