Friday, October 28, 2016

Fractal Shorts

 I am endlessly, recursively fascinated by fractal geometry & the imagery that can be produced with it.

Recently I found a series of awe-inspiring animations using 3D fractal renderings. The artist is Julius Horsthuis, and there is a whole playlist of his mind-bending creations in YouTube. I would recommend bookmarking this page so you can go back & watch through the dozens of videos on his playlist:

 Here are a few of my favorites, but they all should really be seen:

"Emergence" feels like finding an impossibly constructed alien temple in a dense jungle:

"Divergent Evolution" takes the idea of a jungle theme even deeper and immerses us in an ever-shifting organic landscape.

"Solar Wind" has a cosmic, but foreboding feel to it:

"Dream/Iterate" uniquely includes a human figure in the animation, who is transported to a very non-human fractal realm:

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