Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Fantasy Photos" First Art Festival


Recently, I posted about the new business that I started, called "Fantasy Photos". It is a service where I create high-quality, custom photo composites & digital portraits. 

Customers can order an image of a person, animal, or thing to be digitally inserted into any setting they can imagine.

"Fantasy Photos™" Website:

This past weekend I registered as a vendor at an event for the first time ever, to promote the business. It was at the Mullica Hill Arts & Crafts Festival in NJ. I set up a table with a number of my existing Fantasy Photos in frames, along with business cards & promo postcards.

Here is a digital promo, based on the postcard I was handing out. If you are reading this & save this promo, you can send it in with your order for 10% off!:

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