Monday, February 19, 2018

Trump™ President's Day

To celebrate President's Day, I would like to honor our current President, Donald J. Trump. He is an honest and respectable man, who has spent his life working hard & using his genius intellect to earn wealth through reputable means.

As someone who has shown nothing but respect & empathy to women, minorities, and those less fortunate than him, he is the perfect person to lead this country. President Trump has a calm, steady temperament that we need in these dangerous times of fake news from the "lame-stream" media, with their pesky journalists and facts. 

His humility is truly the example that Jesus and all the prophets & saints of history would envy. We can take refuge in the knowledge that God's own hand is guiding President Trump's finger on the nuclear button.

In this photo, we have President Trump shaking hands with Ted Nugent- the lovely and patriotic man, who, by their current trajectory, will be the Republican party's next nominee. What a class act! In his elegantly tasteful black jacket & camo cowboy hat, Mr. Nugent is giving the President a beautiful American flag guitar out of a high-quality cardboard box. We can only hope to have someone like Mr. Nugent, who is just as qualified & dignified as Mr. Trump, to follow in his footsteps. 

God willing, Donald Trump will declare himself Supreme Commander of America and elections will no longer even be necessary. Then, we will begin a glorious multi-generational Trump Family reign over our country, with Ivanka and Barron following their wonderful father, as the rightful hereditary rulers of this country!

So let's all take a moment, bow our heads, and thank God for having the omniscient wisdom to put such a knowledgeable & highly-qualified individual in the most important position on Planet Earth. 


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