Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Conscious Living for You

My fiancée has brought many things into my life for which I will forever be grateful. One of the most important things is an appreciation for healthy living.

Even before we met, I tried to be conscious of my lifestyle. Although I may have indulged in things that were not beneficial, and ignored various aspects of my life that were detrimental- I did not lead a bad life. I exercised, meditated, and have always tried to be generally positive.

However, she has taken me to another level in all aspects of my life, while I have likewise helped push her to achieve what she wouldn't have thought possible before. We both eat very healthy, stay fit, do yoga, stay in touch with our spiritual lives, learn as much as we can, and try to be positive forces in the world. I've had The Monkey Buddha blog for many years, & she's had a "Conscious" page on Facebook to share information to elevate others.

Recently, I was talking to her about re-branding her Facebook page, and it evolved into an idea I had... to embark on a journey together. She is a registered nurse who has started teaching yoga and has helped people with nutritional plans. I am a content creator, and enjoy teaching people about art, culture, science, meditation, and spirituality. My idea was to create a brand that would encompass all these things that can help other people, and more. Being very experienced in marketing & branding, I thought the name "Conscious Living for You" would be a powerful name to cover all the topics we wanted to address.

The first thing I knew we had to do was create a blog and a Facebook page to begin sharing information and providing content. After taking a month or two to finally get around to it, we finally sat down one night and created both pages:



If you are reading this, your support by "following" or "liking" these pages would be deeply appreciated. We will both start adding interesting and helpful content to those who want to live a better, more fulfilling life.

Eventually, we want to provide guides and original content that we create for our readers. Then, our ultimate vision is to have a studio or some kind of Consciousness Center, for like-minded people to join, learn, and practice with us.

As a graphic designer and creative professional, the most important thing I've learned about approaching any project is to start it! Then, it snowballs and grows. Without implementation, an idea stays just that... an idea. So, now that we've started it, we will continue to nurture this project and make it grow.

Thank you for reading this, and hopefully for supporting our new venture.

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