Friday, June 22, 2018

"Become The Light" by Cameron Gray

I saw this awesome image by Cameron Gray that explores the idea that the fusion of cybernetics and digital technology could actually connect us more deeply to "The Light"- all the energy fields and integral patterns that make up our reality.

People tend to think that tech and the Internet disconnect us from reality, but perhaps these tools are shifting consciousness into a new mode, to perceive reality in a different way than the biological brain can do on its own.

I've always seen computers and electronic devices as augmentations of the mind, external support systems that are interconnected with the internal functioning of my own thoughts. Once these biological & digital systems become truly integrated, it's likely that the state of being that we are familiar with (as light forms trapped in these monkey bodies) will be radically transformed. It could be a vehicle for our luminous nature to reach a much more vast expression.

Merging mind and machine could also be a means for limiting and imprisoning consciousness, but I prefer to be an optimist...

"Become The Light" 
by Cameron Gray

I have posted about Cameron Gray's art before, and all his art is visionary and mind-expanding. 

Check out his art on his websites:

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