Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Poconos 2018

This month, my family went on their annual trip to the Poconos in Pennsylvania. We went the week after my wife and I got back from our wedding & honeymoon.

It turned out to be a nice week overall, a chance to to sit by the lake & read or relax, go out on the boats, fish, and just enjoy the outdoors & each other. We got the fire pit going at night and sat under the stars, listening to the sounds of fish, frogs, and insects on the dark, still water.

My family really values this time we spend on vacation, and it is the source of many great memories for us, and now for the younger generation represented by my sister's kids.

I uploaded photos to an album with pics of some of the fun we had and the natural sights we experienced.

Photo Gallery:

I saw some interesting wildlife- including a northern water snake that periodically swims by the dock, & also a spider wrapping up a beetle in a cocoon. I actually have videos of both of these that I will upload soon.

Here is a 15" pike I caught, the only time I went out fishing with my brother & nephew:

My brother grilled two nights in a row, as the rest of us chipped in meat and assistance to create the family-sized feasts.

We hiked Davis Trail near Scranton, PA one day. We decided to all go off the trail and hike through  the gorge to be closer to the beauty of the river, soiled only by dirtbag visitors who have left trash in certain areas.

Me & the new "Mrs. Monkey Buddha" enjoying being outdoors in the mountains:

I also captured my beautiful life partner doing yoga in our "P&L Cove" at one end of the lake, that I also posted on our blog Conscious Living for You:

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