Tuesday, January 08, 2019

The Roast of Uncle Ron

In August, my Uncle Ron turned 75, so his family decided to hold a very special surprise birthday party for him... where he would be subject to a "Roast".

Ron is one of the most sarcastic and funniest people I know, so it was fitting to have a chance for a select group of his friends and family to turn the tables on him.

When I asked my cousin who the roasters would be, she told me that I was one of the people they had my mind. Of course, I accepted & started preparing immediately to absolutely skewer my dear uncle!

I spent weeks editing and rehearsing my set, and when the roast came I was ready to make the room (including him) laugh their asses off. The whole party and roast were awesome, and I had a great time being part of it.

My brother Justin took video of all the roasters, and also Ron's rebuttal. For our Christmas White Elephant game, Justin made a BluRay of the video footage & asked me to create a cover for it. I enjoyed making the BluRay cover almost as much as doing the roasting!

(click to enlarge)
Here is my set, which starts off with an impression of him, and then I pick him apart piece by piece. I touch on his hoarder-esque basement that I call "Uncle Ronorium's Wonder Emporium", his similarities to Trump (who he definitely doesn't consider his personal hero), and his perpetual baldness, among other things.

Here is a link to the full playlist:

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