Friday, July 22, 2005

George Galloway-A Role Model for U.S. Politicians

George Galloway is a British politician known for his outspoken, no-holds-barred rhetoric.
He justs kicks the crap out of Bush and Blair's idiotic lackeys.

He is also a major catalyst that allowed the Democrats & the Press to find their collective spine against the fascist Republicans in DC.
Galloway reamed out Senator Norm Coleman ("pro-war, neo-con hawk and the lickspittle of George W. Bush") at a Senate committee hearing concerning his supposed involvement in the UN Oil-for-Food "scandal".
Excerpts from the "hearing"

Galloway has more balls than almost all of the US Senate.

Here, he takes it to the Bush/Blair criminal cartel:
Goddamn... Simple, clear, and completely true.
Thank you, Mr. Galloway for showing America how to put up a political fight against the fear-mongering war profiteers that the GOP leadership has become.

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