Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Salvador Dalí

"Democratic societies are unfit
for the publication of the thunderous revelations
that I am in the habit of making."
- Salvador Dalí

I had the priviledge of seeing the Dalí exhibition at the
Phila. Museum of Art with my sister & brother when the dates were extended in May '05. We couldn't believe the volume of work assembled, but I told my siblings that is the mark of a true master. Creation is a natural and constant aspect of a master's life. I was most amazed by the atomic mysticism of Dalí's later years, but my sister's mission consisted of simply finding the "Lobster Phone." I managed to snap a pic of this crazy piece of art using my camera phone without the attendants yelling at me (they were, however, yelling at my brother constantly to stop talking on his phone).

Another piece that was cool was a 3D hologram of Alice Cooper.
Craziness of Salvador Dalí meeting Alice Cooper

Here's a good site with explanations of Dalí's paintings:
Dalí Art Gallery

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