Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Disaster President

What a national tragedy, for so many different reasons.

By wasting both our military and our treasury in an unwinnable foreign occupation, the Bush Administration has once again proven that its own criminal incompetence is a greater source of terror and chaos for America than any former CIA-sponsored Muslim boogeymen living in caves. The complete inability to make rational decisions by our leaders has furthered the destruction of a major American port city.

New Orleans District of Army Corp. Of Enginners Face Budget Cuts
(from 6/05!)

Louisiana Nat'l Guard Troops Watch Katrina from Iraq

A Diminished FEMA Scrambles to the Rescue

• And if you actually need complete, irreffutable proof that the so-called President is not only incompetent beyond belief, but also a serial liar...
"I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees." - George W. Bush

Director of Security Chertoff nor FEMA Director Michael Brown have any disaster or crisis management experience. They are lawyers and political hacks.

By the way, Michael Chertoff the Director of Homeland Security who is all over the TV after this hurricane is a DUAL-CITIZEN!!!
Does it make anyone feel safer knowing that Bush & Cheney have placed our national security and crisis management in the hands of a person with dual loyalties, and to a country that has been caught spying in the Pentagon and feeding our intelligence false information that has led us to war, no less!

The political levee is only beginning to break for the establishment in Washington DC.

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