Monday, April 10, 2006

Howard Stern Film Festival

Damn, it's been awhile since I've posted anything!

I have been working the last couple weeks with my brother Justin on our entry for the Howard Stern Film Festival.

It is called "H.A.H.A. - Haters Against Howard Alliance" and we play members of a militant right-wing organization who are out to censor EVERYTHING and, most of all, get Howard Stern off the air. Justin plays "Wes Looves," the President of H.A.H.A. I play a U.S. Senator from an isolated midwestern state named "Sam Brownsack."

Both of my brothers and I are all huge fans of Howard's show, so once Justin & I came up this idea we were determined to finish & enter it. It took up every spare minute of our time for the past few weeks, but we got it done! I did all the graphics and design, and Justin did the film editing. (If anothing else, I got to learn Final Cut Pro!) I think it turned out good, but who knows...

I even started a H.A.H.A blog where people can leave their anti-Howard Stern sentiments!

Anyway, I'll post some images so you can get a taste of our entry...

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