Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rolling Stone: Worst President in History?

Yes, Rolling Stone asks the question that is so obvious to anyone who doesn't have their head either buried in a Bible, a pile of money from oil profits, or their own ass:

Is the demented, corrupt, ignorant, and deceiving
demon-spawn of Barbara Bush...

The Worst President in History?
I knew these days were coming, when the malevolence these scumbags have created is coming around full circle. The only thing that could possibly derail the karma train that's headed full-steam toward the Neocon Headquarters on Pennsylvania Ave. is some desperate act of manufactured or artificially escalated crisis.

The fact that so many people have been fooled by this jackass, his "religion," and his special brand of moron-speak is so depressing. Would you give the codes to the world's largest nuclear arsenal to the former town drunk who stopped doing cocaine and claims he found Jesus, but still mangles sentences and acts like an a-hole? That's exactly what enough of this country's brilliant citizens did in 2004 to allow another election to be stolen from under our noses though the magic of e-voting. If the Republicans don't lose control of the Senate in the fall, we are just so screwed. Oh, too late.

So, to answer the question, let me refer you to a T-shirt graphic I created in October of 2004:

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