Thursday, September 28, 2006

The "Party of God" & Torture

Yes, the "Party of God" has once again taken a stand.
I'm not talking about Hizbollah, but the other bunch of extremists - George Bush's Republican Party.

Americans are blessed to have these beacons of morality upholding Traditional Christian Values, such as torture and imprisonment without trial.

"A lack of proper screening also meant that many innocent Iraqis were wrongly being detained—indefinitely, it seemed, in some cases. The Taguba study noted that more than sixty per cent of the civilian inmates at Abu Ghraib were deemed not to be a threat to society, which should have enabled them to be released." - New Yorker Magazine

Who needs Habeus Corpus, the U.S. Constitution, or human rights when you have an insane leader who claims to have direct authority from God and sadists and idiots willing to follow him?

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