Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hummer O2 Conceptual Design


The imagination is the most powerful tool that humans have, and I'm a firm believer that anything man can visualize will eventually be acheived. Time and time again, thoughts that have seemed completely impractical or physically impossible become reality.

Once fantastic ideas like levitation, invisibility, teleportation are being visualized into reality.

We are entering a era of human history where anything that can be imagined can be created physically or digitally in some form. This conceptual, creative novelty is a human resource that is thankfully reaching heights beyond anything in known human history, despite the ever-present chaos in the world. Even though Hummer is traditionally known for it's complete gas-guzzling disregard for moderation and modesty, their concept of the Hummer O2 deserves credit, if nothing else except for the amazing combo of cool, tech, & organic factors.