Sunday, February 18, 2007

Killers of Comedy

I've been a Howard Stern fan since I was in middle school, when I would listen to his show on the bus in the morning in my Walkman. Me and my younger brother used to watch his Channel 9 TV show on a crappy black & white TV I had in my room, since my mom wouldn't let us watch it.

Since he has moved to Sirius, alot of people I know have signed up for satellite radio... mostly because of Howard's show. It is unbelievable how funny the show is, and alot of it is because of the crazy personalities on the air. One of my brothers got us tickets to see the Killers of Comedy show that came to the Broadway Theater in Pitman, a stand-up comedy show that includes a half dozen comedians and personalities who appear on Howard's show. It was funny as hell and I got some pictures with a few of the guys who performed. Below the photos is the graphic I made for the shirt that I wore, featuring possibly the best guest in the history of Howard's (or anyone's) show - Beetlejuice.

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• Me with Jim Florentine, voice of the retarded puppet Special Ed from the show Crank Yankers. His act was really good & he was cool about letting me snap some photos.

• Beetlejuice, Jim Florentine making an obscene gesture, Me.

• Me w/ the Reverend Bob Levy. His act was hysterical, too. He was trying to sell shirts at the merchandise table after the show, saying "Buy some shirts, I need an eight-ball." and "I need money for hookers."As I was getting the pictures, he dropped a shirt that we picked up & he didn't notice. Sorry for not contributing to your cokewhore fund, Bob! At one point during his act, he was asking the audience what kind of porn they liked. Nobody was saying anything, so I yelled "Blue Iris!" and he started laughing and telling dirty old lady jokes. Funny stuff.

The Beetlejuice graphic I made for the shirt I wore to the show:

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