Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sol Invictus, The Invincible Sun

Now that the weather here in Dirty Jersey is finally starting to brighten up, that immense nuclear maelstrom in the sky has been on my mind.

Illustration by Martin Kornmesser

I watch the HD digital cable channels over my parents house & the programming is awesome. Tonight I was watching a Sunrise Earth special about the Sun and its affect on man's livelihood & mythology. Right after that I put on the Digging For the Truth episode about Macchu Picchu, the Peruvian royal estate and temple complex of the Sun-revering Inca.

Deus Sol Invictus, "The Invincible Divine Sun" is the source of the elements that create our world, and the sustainer of life that has thrived within it. It's awesome and incomprehensibe nature inspired the ancient precursors to modern religious existence. The Sun is both creator and destroyer, defying such ultimately meaningless labels. The damage a major solar flare or storm could cause to communications, navigation, and possibly all electromagnetic technology is a humbling thought, to say the least. It would make what I'm writing now and trillions of human creative and productive efforts completely useless. I wouldn't recommend trying to feed human hearts to the Sun God, Ahau-kin, so I guess all we can do is keep our fingers crossed...

NOAA: "11-Year Solar Storm Cycle Will Start in March"

Mystery of the Maya Astronomy

The graphic below is my sun tattoo that I designed in college. This was before I really began to try learning about the mythologies of the world and the astro-religious worldviews of ancient cultures. I'm fortunate to have chosen a tattoo that I appreciate more as time goes on. Looking at it now, I never noticed how much the Chinese symbol resembles a face! Since it's on my chest, I usually see it upside-down.