Monday, August 27, 2007

Bartolomeo Vanzetti: Quoteable Anarchist

I found this quote by Italian-American Anarchist Bartolomeo Vanzetti to be visionary & inspiring. Which is why it isn't surprising that he was executed 80 years ago. I guess in the 1920's "Anarchist" was the #1 scary term for the commies/terrorists/boogiemen of the day...

"I champion the weak, the poor, the oppressed, the simple and the persecuted. I maintain that whosoever benefits or hurts a man benefits or hurts the whole species. I sought my liberty in the liberty of all, my happiness in the happiness of all. I wanted a roof for every family, bread for every mouth, education for every heart, light for every intellect. I am convinced that human history has not yet begun, that we find ourselves in the last period of the prehistoric. I see with the eyes of my soul how the sky is diffused with the rays of the new millennium."

...It's like someone summed up the complete opposite of the Bush, Inc./neocon philosophy!

From the Democracy Now! interview:
"Sacco and Vanzetti: 80 Years After Their Execution, A Look At The Men, the Murders, and the Judgment of Mankind"

It's amazing how major events are just forgotten over time. The infinite number of human experiences lost to history is mind-numbing. Thankfully (maybe), the internet & Google are attempts to reverse the trend.

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