Thursday, August 09, 2007

Let the Machine Wars Begin...

It's fascinating how in this day & age, finding more technologically efficient ways to destroy human life is somehow considered progress. I wonder sometimes, "Haven't these assholes ever seen Terminators 1-3?" All the ingredients are stewing - even liquid metal 'ferrofluid' technology for a T-1000 Liquid Terminator.

"U.S. Military Expands Robot Patrols in Combat Zones"

We are literally one step away from a Robocalypse. I have compiled the visual evidence and it should be enough to make all of us humans squirm like the bacterial sacs of protoplasm that we are.
I don't think anyone ever anticipated just how easily Isaac Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics" could squashed by a Pentagon-sponsored tank tread.

1st Step: Army Ground-based Robot
Result: Terminator Hunter-Killer

1st Step: DARPA's prototype robotic hand
Result: An army of T-800 cyborgs

1st Step: Ferrofluid dynamic sculpture
Result: Mimetic poly-alloy liquid metal T-1000

Meanwhile, the Japanese are teaching their robots how to dance instead. I'd definitely rather have souless machines tearing up the dancefloor than tearing up people.

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hoi polloi said...

They have robots acting as humans already. Trust