Monday, December 22, 2008

Patent for Magnetohydrodynamic (UFO) Propulsion

I saw a story on Posthuman Blues that a patent is being reviewed - for what is basically flying saucer propulsion!

The inventor is Subrata Roy, an associate engineering professor specializing in Computational Plasma Dynamics. Here is his faculty page with links to news stories about his research.

The limit of the human mind's creative potential is limitless. All that is needed is a collection of brilliant minds like Subrata Roy's to manipulate ideas into reality. Having completed a few semesters of mech. engineering & also being a US patent holder (for a much less technical invention!), I definitely appreciate the overwhelming amount of time and research that goes into mind-boggling work like this-

The idea of UFO's & alien life have always interested me ever since I was a kid.

I've posted before about theories of how 'alien' propulsion actually worked. Of course, it's a mystery to the masses whether flying saucers are actually from other planets, or if they are even from this time-space continuum.

There is most likely "Life" throughout the universe, but the totality of life that has spanned time & space is probably incomprehensible.

The fact that such seemingly 'magic' technology is being realized in front of our eyes is truly amazing.

Could this be Human spacecraft in the future?...

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