Monday, December 08, 2008

Solar Distiller Design

There is alot of hope for the incoming Obama administration's potential to kick off a new age in American productivity.

This must be done through domestic investment in all forms of education, but also research & development for new tech other than new ways to create a bomb.

One of the exciting things about living in The Age of Novelty is the potential to effectively solve pervasive problems in an innovative way.

For instance, one of humanity's biggest problems is the lack of fresh water.
Methods of obtaining freshwater through methods like desalination have been around for centuries, but people are still finding ways to improve the process.

On a simpler scale, the process of evaporation can be used to collect water in a Condensation Trap. Here's a video of how to make one using household items.

On I saw some graphics made by Seol-Hee Sohn, Seung-Hyun Yoon & Cheol-Yeon Cho . There doesn't seem to be a website associated with the designers, but they convey the idea clearly & simply. The "Engrish" is barely noticeable & is forgiveable considering how nice the images are:

"What must you need to be rescued on
the bosom of the ocean?"

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Solar Water Distiller Tech said...

I couldn't agree more. Lack of clean water is a major problem in the modern world and the solar water distiller is an under-utilized technology. Thanks for spreading the word!