Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Tibetan Twin

A few years ago, my family was vacationing in the Poconos.
My brother Justin & I were sharing a room. There were a bunch of back issues of National Geographic that I was leafing through at night while I was laying in bed.

In one issue, I opened to the middle of the magazine to see a group of Buddhist monks from the western China/Tibet area, sitting on the stairs of their monastery. As I visually scanned the photo of the monks, one face was staring out of the page toward the camera.

I exclaimed out loud in surprise- because not only did that monk not have Asian features at all... but it looked like an exact copy of my own face! I threw the magazine at my brother to look at. He told me excitedly that he had already seen it earlier & thought the exact same thing!

Anyone who knows me & sees this picture would probably say the resemblance is uncanny. I am convinced that this is my Tibetan Doppleganger, staring back at me through The Void.

I have always been especially interested in Tibet among the myriad cultures of the world, so maybe it is because my ethereal twin manifested there... Or not.

Regardless of the supernatural implications of having a doppleganger in the Far East, I've taken the liberty of scanning the original pages and superimposing my own face next to the mystery monk for the sake of comparison.

(click for larger size)

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Tor Hershman said...

I used to be a Buddhist.
Now moi 'tis a Woodite.
I guess that's why I'd ask 'Dad' if he ever made a trip, a few years back, to the Tibetian areas ;-)
(It's a joke).

Stay on groovin' safari,