Thursday, March 05, 2009


"Money, it's a crime."

Although there's the saying "Love of money is the root of all evil," I consider money to be a practical social tool.

Like the idea of a 'nation-state', currency is mostly an abstract concept that doesn't ultimately exist outside the collective agreement of those who recognize it.

The international banking system, though, has become much more than simply a tool for exchanging goods and services. It has been engineered for centuries to be a system of control over the human race.

There is alot of talk about how to 'fix' the financial system by throwing around theoretical dollars, but no one is directly addressing the root problems of our entire economic system. Ok, almost no one.

I always kind of understood that without gold or physical commodities to back up the value of money, it is all just a game of shuffling numbers. However the more I try to learn about the fundamental nature of such corporate institutions as the central banks, the Federal Reserve, and the IRS, the more it seems like a monumental maze of misdirection for a truly epic Ponzi scheme- cloaked in the appearance of legitimate lending resources. As it turns out, the money that banks lend doesn't physically exist.

This video, concerning the idea of "money as debt", is on the website of Elizabeth Kucinich- the wife of my first choice for President and my personal political hero, Dennis Kucinich, who's in the video above. Elizabeth is just as intelligent and progressive as her husband and this video is a simple, yet revealing look at the madness behind the global economic system.

After seeing information like this and currently watching the completely man-made system going to crap, it's hard to avoid the thought that this whole mess is being purposefully directed toward a unified system of global financial power:

All that I know is that as long as the banks continue to give me the money that's supposed to be in my account, I'll happily keep my pitchforks & torches hidden away.

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