Monday, May 18, 2009

Jesse Ventura is Still a Badass

I used to hate Jesse "The Body" Ventura as a WWF wrestler & interviewer when I was a kid. He was much cooler as the gung-ho marine in the classic movie Predator.

After an entertainment career & also a stint as Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura has been speaking out in his own special way. He's got a rare combination of thoughtful arguments with an unapologetic, forceful delivery.

I've seen other videos of him talking to groups about controversial issues like The War Monkey, 9/11 or the Iraq occupation. Sometimes he can seem overly-confrontational & a little out-there, but I think he does have alot of strength of wisdom. Most of all, he is correct to encourage questioning everything, especially "The Unquestionable". It definitely takes a unique personality to be able to rant over the King of Radio himself, Howard Stern...

Especially when it comes to the power structures of society, we should accept that Americans are people- capable of the worst that humanity has to offer, as well as the best. If we turn a blind eye to either possibility, it degrades our functioning as a whole.

Speaking of degradation...
Jesse Ventura has simplified the entire sub-human debate about the morality of torture (aka. 'Enhanced Interrogation Techniques'):

I also just saw a video clip on Raw Story from a TV show that I never watch otherwise- 'The View'. Jesse talks down the ridiculous & clueless Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

"The Body"'s on a roll... & should be given at least as much airtime as Emperor Cheney.

Everytime I see Cheney's now-iconic sneer burning through the TV, I listen to his 'tortured' logic & think of the names bestowed upon him by Lyndon LaRouche, the fringe Presidential candidate: "Beast-Man" & "Brute".

I'm glad there are some people with the dedication to truth & the tremendous balls to call out The Dark Lord himself.

*Bonus Video!
Jesse Ventura is the gift that keeps on giving. Here is another clip of him taking on the male version of Elisabeth Hasselbeck- cable news' biggest knucklehead, Sean Hannity:

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