Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Land of the Lost" Marathon

While I was gratefully enjoying a Memorial Day BBQ over my parent's house, my Mom had the SciFi marathon of the goofy classic series "Land of the Lost" on the TV.

My brother was watching it, too, & we all were enjoying the pure silliness of it.

I remember seeing a few re-runs of the show as a kid in the 80's, & I knew it was old & crappy even back then.

My Mom surprised us by saying she used to watch it all the time in the 70's... & she even knew the names of all the ridiculous characters & dinosaurs in the show. I thought she only watched "Bonanza" & stuff,- not the kind of craziness created by Krofft Productions. She was talking about 'Chaka' & 'Sleestaks' and I realized what it's like to hear about 'Sith Holocrons' or 'Zabraks'.

Of course, this marathon was used to promote the predictable Will Ferrell movie version that's coming out. Remaking such a profoundly low-budget show into a multi-million dollar film completely misses the point.

The opening may be the best part of the show. I noticed in later episodes the 'Dad' in the show got lost in a time warp, & he was replace by an 'Uncle'. The show got a revised opening sequence that is just as hilarious:

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