Friday, June 19, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack!

Continuing on the theme of Childhood Lizard Memories....

One of the countless things I used to collect as a kid was the series of trading cards called "Dinosaurs Attack!"

These were really graphic, had dinosaurs, dealt with crazy sci-fi stuff... & therefore was totally cool back when I was in grade school.

I found a great site that has scans of all the cards, front & back. I recommend looking at every single mini-masterpiece.

Like "V", the story behind these cards involves the influence of humanoid Saurian creatures.

One of my favorites that I had was this one- Ripped Out of Time, with a dinosaur's face getting peeled off due to some kind of tear in space-time:

Another memorable image was the back of "The Ultimate Sacrifice" with a truly touching portrayal of the scientist's agonizing demise:

I didn't have this particular one, but the Dinosaur Satan from the card "Supreme Evil" is a horrific drooling gem:

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