Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"V" & The Newborn Reptilian

When it comes to truly frightening childhood TV-related memories, there were exactly three that I can remember instantly...

1) Watching Michael Jackson's new video, "Thriller" when I was 5 years old. When the zombies came creepin out, I was really frightened. When Michael's eyes turn into wolf eyes, I almost ran out of my friend's house.

2) "The Empire Strikes Back" for the first time on the TV at my grandmother's & the scene where the Wampa ambushes Luke scared the living crap out of me.

3) Finally, the one scene that completely freaked me out was from the series "V"...

The premise of the show was that human-looking aliens come to Earth with promises of peace & progress. However, the "V"isitors are actually malevolent Reptilian bastards out to steal our resources, while eating our apparently delicious flesh.

"V" was basically a pop-culture version of David Icke's take on The Reptilian Connection.

After seeing a new trailer for the ABC remake of the "V" story, I went looking for the scene from the original that I thought was so horrible as a kid.

Although the aliens consuming rodents was disgusting, the most traumatizing visual for me was "The Birthing Scene" in V: The Final Battle.

I was about 6 and my Mom was working at night, so my Dad was letting me & my younger siblings watch this wacked-out show about evil lizard people. When this scene came on, I went ballistic & started screaming for my Dad to turn the TV off. I wasn't crying, but I refused to look at the TV until a different channel was on. As a result, I never even saw the unbelievably awesome second baby being born...

Looking at it now, it's obvious the special effects are borderline ridiculous. I even remember my Dad laughing & saying it wasn't even scary, but as soon as the first baby's tongue flicked out, that was it for me.

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