Saturday, August 29, 2009

Discovery Channel: "Out of Egypt"

In my last post I linked to an article encouraging us to disconnect from mass media in order to maintain perspective.

However, like everything in life, this cannot be seen as an absolute mandate, because their are a number of TV productions that are meant to be enriching for both the mind and even the spirit.

Personally, my most regular TV viewing would be The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Jeopardy!, The Simpsons, & South Park.

The Discovery Channel, though, comes up with alot of series & specials that grab my attention, too.

Earlier this week, I sat through a couple late-night hours of a new series on The Discovery Channel that is really excellent.

The episodes I watched were "FLESH AND BONE" about relics of dead holy beings, and "SHAPE OF THE GODS" about the practical & sacred value of pyramids from around the world.

What's great about the show is that it explores the theme of the episode from the context of many cultures and time periods in a way that is well-produced & fascinating to a polymath information sponge like myself.

I would highly recommend watching the video clips & 'tuning in' to the show for a potpourri of great information about ancient cultures like the Egyptians, Mayans, Tibetans, etc./ religion & the occult/ social customs throughout the world / and an engaging hostess.

The only criticism I can speak of is that, as a traditional Egyptologist, Ms. Kooney asserts the narrative that the Great Pyramid of Giza was a burial chamber for King Khufu.

Through the study of secret knowledge passed down through the ages, I have determined that the Great Pyramid was actually an initiation complex scientifically designed to facilitate transcendent spiritual transformation.

Of course I've never been in the King's Sarcophagus in a Samadhi state while my Ka traveled the infinity of the cosmos, so I could be wrong. :)

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