Sunday, August 09, 2009

Reality Carnival

One of the many websites I visit for interesting stories & information is called "Reality Carnival". Its is simply a list of thought-provoking sites by author Cliff Pickover.

I've seen alot of good stuff on there but recently a few links really caught my eye...


"In their search for patterns,
mathematicians have uncovered unlikely connections
between prime numbers and quantum physics."

• The simple suggestions in this review of the book "59 Seconds, Think A Little Change Alot" are really good:

"Ten Ways to Change Your Life
in 59 Seconds"

• I liked alot of the answers in this interview w/ philosophy professor AC Grayling:

"This Much I Know

Besides Reality Carnival. it is worth noting that Mr. Pickover also has other cool websites like "The Galactic Question Center " & the wonderfully eclectic "The Wikipedia Knowledge Dump".

Seeing The Galactic Question Center makes me think that I should let people "Ask The Monkey Buddha" the pressing questions humanity faces.

However, that would imply that I actually know about everything.... & I know that's not true.

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