Monday, July 26, 2010

80s Cartoon Collage & Comic-Con

I saw the cool illustration above in my random web browsing and easily recognized most of the characters depicted. Between me & my sister & brothers we knew about pretty much every 80's era cartoon & toy characters when we were kids.

Many of my childhood favorites like Voltron, Masters of the Universe, Transformers, & GI JOE are now being revamped for a new generation decades after their original release.

Also, the ever-growing pantheon of fictional characters makes an event like this year's Comic-Con an opportunity for people to express aspects of their own personality through characters. I can appreciate the detail & creativity people put into the costumes they wear to these events, ignoring the extreme geek factor.

Despite my extensive pop-culture knowledge, I only know a fraction of the legion of characters out there:

Also my brother sent me a link today with a picture from Comic-Con of the ultimate power in the Marvel Universe: The Infinity Gauntlet.

This was part of a storyline back in my youth when I used to collect comics- centered around six mystical gems that individually controlled different aspects of reality. Used together, they made the user omnipotent. (In comic book terms, that basically means you can do alot of cool stuff.)

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