Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Political Spectrum

Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy discussing politics, among other topics.

Although I try to maintain an objective & logical perspective on the world, merely by discussing anything you open yourself up to subjective interpretation. Especially in politics, it is often a game of words that try to model perceptions around an agenda.

Despite the dangers of generalizing with labels, like 'conservative', 'liberal', 'fascist', 'progressive', 'Marxist', 'Teabagger', etc. etc. it's difficult not to discuss human issues without relying on timeless human conventions, like mockery & name-calling.

Labels may be misleading, but I believe there seems to definitely be a "Political Spectrum" in which you can plot various figures in world culture along a plane of philosophical & ideological tendencies.

I had this idea in my head to create a chart showing this ideological spectrum, so I took a couple nights and put it together. It's been finished for a few weeks but I decided to wait until 4th of July Weekend to truly celebrate America's Independence Day- with the most profound & accurate political infographic ever created! (Strictly for parody purposes, of course)

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"The Political Spectrum"

I did this for fun & it turned out exactly as I envisioned it. I'm sure some people may disagree with it, find offense, or whatever. This spectrum is 100% accurate and scientifically irrefutable, so such arguments are in vain.

Since I am in a rush to start my holiday weekend w/ crabs, beer, & horseshoes I'll give a quick rundown on some of my thoughts making this picture:

• Obviously, the spectrum goes from blue/left/liberal to red/right/conservative. I tend to gravitate toward the liberal end of the spectrum. Surprise!

• Can anyone argue that Scrooge McDuck, Rush Limbaugh, Rich Uncle Pennybags, & Dick Cheney are not of a similar nature? Can't the same be said for Willie Nelson, Yoda, the Dalai Lama, and John Lennon? It seems undeniable.

• I put "Mooselini" Sarah Palin next to the other fascist Mussolini, Benito "Il Duce".

• I also had to put The Dalai Lama next to his derivative personality, Yoda.

• On one extreme, you have bald & bespectacled Ghandi. On the other extreme, his shadow opposite- bald & bespectacled Dick Cheney.

• Once again, I've linked Dick Cheney to his fictional counterpart, Emperor Palpatine.

• This whole "Political Spectrum" conspiracy is making Glenn Beck cry like a little girl, as usual. Maybe it's Vader breathing down his neck.

• I couldn't resist giving that socialist tyrant President Obama devil horns out of the star points, just for giggles... (or is he actually the Star Messiah?) I actually think he's doing a good job, considering the circumstances. It baffles me how can anyone think he's The Anti-christ or evil after 8 years of Bush/Cheney.

• Obama has his ear to the conservative side... will he be sucked into their vortex of regressive politics?!?

• Adolf Hitler is staring longingly at his perfect Aryan princess, Ann Coulter.

• Hitler-worshipper Eric Cartman is breaking out of the bottom right corner: "Screw you guys, I'm goin' home!" He shows the tendency for right-wingers, who espouse authoritarianism, to break rules when they feel it suits them personally.

• I inserted myself in the mix, as The Monkey Buddha avatar.


Michael Dare said...

What's a "Poltical" spectrum?

paul_mic said...

Ha!! Holy crap that's embarrassing. I've got to fix that when I get back from vacation.

Anonymous said...

LOL. That graph is silly and biased, but true!

Anonymous said...

um wow that's awkward, lincoln was a republican president but, hey this isn't a place for accuracy.
Oh and yes Hitler is over on the far right but stalin is mysteriously absent from the left. Instead you've just got ghandi...

Anonymous said...

To the last anonymous comment:

Licoln may have been republican but he fought for equality. This is an egalitarian/leftist trait.

Stalin may have been communist, but true communism does not have an authoritative figure. Authority is right-wing and fascist.

Monkey Buddha
Congratulations on an ACCURATE political spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Why would Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine be on this at all? What political philosophies did they have that they would have in common with the American right? Oh I get it, the “artist” think the right are bad guys and so are Vader & Palpatine; so therefore they are the same. Brilliant comparison.

Also why do liberals always associate Hitler with the right? Wasn’t Hitler a national SOCIALIST? Didn’t the Nazi philosophy favor a big central fascist government where as the American right favors a small limited government? If you ever bothered to wiki Nazism you would see that its SYNCRETIC, it browed from both left and right philosophies. I wish liberals would do more research.

Anonymous said...

this is so wrong on so many levels, 1st of all lincoln was a republican and republicans are rightist, stalin is missing, why the emperor if he is anything he is a communist, and what did yoda do to make you think that he is a leftist,

Anonymous said...

MLK was a registered Republican as well. Why isn't Castro on the left? Do you just like to Cherry pick fictional evil characters and place them on the right? There are so many horrendous leaders that had left wing policies that you choose to overlook. You even overlook the leaders of your party that have made a difference moving forward with the progressive movement. Quit using Photoshop and start reading! That doesn't mean read everything that's biased to your side either. Branch off, think for yourself!