Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Antoine Dodson: Hero & Internet Superstar

After just commenting on "The Rape of Europa" film and now this, I hope to never have to post about the despicable topic of 'rape' twice in a row ever again.

I have to give kudos to Antoine Dodson, though.

Not only did he save his sister from being sexually assaulted by an intruder- but he got on the local news, has become an internet meme, and had a superb music remix made with his footage.

Of course, the reason it is catching people's attention is the craziness of it. It's strange that such a serious story about a girl being almost raped by some scumbag animal can have any aspect of humor to it. The pissed-off, defiant attitudes of the victim and her brother Antoine are the diamonds in this very rough patch.

The auto-tune music remix takes it to another level of pure insanity & puts this meme on par with such greats as "Leprechaun in Mobile Alabama" and "Bacon is Good for Me!":

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