Friday, September 25, 2009

Bacon is Good for Me!!!

Youtube is really an amazing thing.

It's definitely one of the greatest creative tools ever developed.
My brother has a Youtube channel & it's a wonderfully free medium. Ordinary people now have tremendous power of self-expression that such an accessible service provides.

Of course, the main reason Youtube exists is to provide mind-boggling, crazy, entertaining content:

Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

Weng Weng Rap

Mz. Peachez - Ghetto Fried Chicken

Starfish Hitler, Dictator of Hell

Experiencing God With Reverend Alicia

In my random web browsing, I came across another absolute gem in the Youtube diamond mine. This video is from the ridiculous show "Wife Swap" & this little bastard has had enough of his temporary "new" mom.

Someone made a comment about the kid in the video saying that he's a real-life Eric Cartman, which is right on.

To ensure this videos place in the Pantheon of Youtube Classics, a parody has been made in the form of a spectacular remix that made me laugh out loud. I came across this on Ebaum's World.

I defy you not to sing " good for me!" in your head after hearing this:


This is as good as the other memorable episode of a wife-swapping show... the gross crazy ultra-religious lady staying in the house of a Punk Rock type family:

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mic-pros said...

Paul you are DARK - SIDED!! in the name of JESUS! wow what a wacko, she is the one possessed by the devil. The Cartman bacon kid was funny but the remix video made me laugh out loud, hysterical. keep them coming!