Saturday, February 26, 2011

Adam Crossley at Tin Angel 2-25-2011

Last nite I went to the Tin Angel in Philly to see my high school friend Adam Crossley play. I've seen several of his shows there, and he's a top-notch musician & entertainer. He's a guy with a crazy sense of humor, and onstage he somehow blends that seamlessly with his more serious, moving songs.

We went out after the show to Triumph Brewery, which is a cool place & has delicious beers, BTW. Adam & I got to talk a little bit about the trials and tribulations of our respective creative fields. Unfortunately, professional artists of any medium have to deal with business, law, & bullshit. None of that ever stands in the way of a strong creative mind, though.

I didn't get any pics last nite, but saw a bunch of old friends & classmates. I also went with my sister, so we had some quality sibling bonding time. That's more rare now w/ my nephews, The Little Dudes, getting all our attention.

Here's a video of Adam's song 'Fire Escape':

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