Thursday, February 03, 2011

Language & Communication

I've been seeing alot of interesting articles about language lately.

Speech, and communication in general, are essentially mechanisms for transmitting thought patterns from one mind to another. We overtly use words & other symbols to express our inner world to others. However, there are also many other things that convey information more subtly- body language, clothes, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc.

It's pretty amazing that we are able to convey our conscious experience to each other through sounds, visual cues, & physical manifestations.

In America alone, there are a dizzying number of variations in spoken dialects. A dedicated soul by the name of Rick Aschmann created this crazy map charting the linguistic differences throughout this country.

Here are some other excellent links about practical language & the art of crafting a message to communicate ideas. The most important aspect of any discussion is to be informed about a wide range of topics, & also to be open to new ideas if they are compelling.

20 Simple Steps
to the Perfect Persuasive Message

Although it's been toned down since my nephews were born, dinners with my family have been a source of lively debate. Although we all have strong opinions, we also have a sense of humor so heated arguments rarely occur. Although I'm a very level-headed person, discussing religion, current events, & politics can get me very animated. I try to always remember to just breathe & keep relatively calm. :)

How to Argue Properly

Just because I love good quotes:

Finally, demonstrating the symbolic fluidity of language- here are some unique words that don't have singular equivalents in other tongues.

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