Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Creative Governing

Obviously the title of this post is not describing current American politics, especially when it comes to Congress.

If anything, the reason the government is so dysfunctional is that there are not nearly enough creative thinkers on Capitol Hill.

As a graphic artist, I can appreciate the sentiments in this article reflecting on the need for true "intelligent" design in our politics:

Seed Magazine:

With the utterly incompetent & reactionary GOP caucus in the House of Representatives, it's now near impossible to get anything legislatively productive done. Their hatred for Obama & anything that progressives remotely support overrides their ability to approach problems from a reasonable perspective.

They are currently paying a political price for their inability to do anything than obstruct what even their Republican colleagues in the Senate are trying to accomplish:

CBS News: 

It's just a shame that these battles aren't spent on issues that actually impact the fundamental problems facing the economy & government. Congress can't seem to do any more than put band-aids on an amputee.

In honor of this most recent political fiasco cause by the knuckleheads in the House, I dug out the graphic below of Paul Ryan's Republican-backed plan to privatize Medicare & throw America's senior citizens to the mercy of Wall St. & private insurers.

The right-wingers are an endless source of horrible, absurd ideas that benefit nobody except the wealthiest citizens and corporations.

Anyway... for all it's faults, one thing I can appreciate about the Obama administration is their appreciation of thoughtful design & its general outreach to the design community.

Recently, the White House had a poster contest for the proposed jobs bill, which was predictably opposed by Republicans.  I spent a few hours to put together this design in the hopes I could win & get a copy signed by the President. Unfortunately, I wasn't a finalist. Oh well.

Using the iconic logo of the Obama campaign, I tried (in my best 'minimalist propaganda' style) to illustrate what the government should be doing - Working *FOR* America... trying to unite Red & Blue and everyone else for common goals...


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